Lorna's most recent compositions can be heard on the CD-ROM Ocean Psalms. For samples and more information, go to www.oceanpsalms.com. Lorna also performs all the compositions on the CD-ROM. In addition Lorna's photography is extensively used to image the ocean in all its moods..

Three of Lorna's compositions are included in Fragments of Real Presence, by Teresa Berger. Teresa shares Lorna's interest in Hildegard of Bingen, 12th century German Abbess, who, although acknowledged as a Saint in her native country, was never officially canonized. Teresa's liturgy honors Hildegard, inviting her presence and invoking her blessing on those present. The liturgy opens with Lorna's Circle of Wisdom. Psalm 18 use her setting of the antiphon I love you, God my strength. After a period of meditative silence, Hildegard the composer is invoked in Lorna's setting of Caritas Habundat/Divine Love. This song is arranged for solo soprano, 4 part chorus and piano.

You can see Lorna play and sing some of her songs in the documentary "Worship in Women’s Hands", which is available through the website www.worshipinwomenshands.com.

Lorna is continually composing more songs for liturgies as the need arises in her community in Durham. For example, she has written songs to honor Mary Magdalen, and Our Lady of Guadalupe, as well as setting Miriam Therese Winter's "Anna’s Psalm".

If you are interested in obtaining copies of these original songs, please email Lorna at lorna@lornacollingridge.net