Lorna is a composer of liturgical music for worship in a primarily but not exclusively Christian context. Her earliest compositions appear on the CD Walking in the Wilderness, by Seeds of Wild Honey, the group she directed in Brisbane, Australia. More recently, a number of her compositions appear in Teresa Berger’s Fragments of Real Presence, in a chapter containing a liturgy for Hildegard of Bingen. More information about these songs can be found at music.

Lorna has recently published a new work, Ocean Psalms, in collaboration with Teresa Berger. You can read about Ocean Psalms at www.oceanpsalms.com and also view several extracts. Lorna's music is also featured in a documentary about women's liturgies, Worship in Women's Hands, and an extract can be viewed at www.worshipinwomenshands.com.

Four of the songs of Hildegard of Bingen, are the subject of Lorna’s PhD dissertation “Music as Evocative Power: the intersection of music with images of the Divine in the songs of Hildegard of Bingen”. A short synopsis of the subject of her dissertation can be found at abstract.

Lorna is an experienced musician, teacher, liturgist and researcher. In 2010 Lorna opened her own studio, Flourishing Muse LLC. She teaches lessons in piano, voice, guitar and composition at her home and conducts creative music camps for students. Her blog, www.flourishingmuse.net, has more information. You can also access her details in her resume. Lorna can be contacted at lorna@lornacollingridge.net.